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[Cirque Passion] was really a magical event. I love that it is so small, close, intimate, exciting, fun, funny, unique, and so beautifully envisioned by you and Sacha. I feel truly honored to have been at your inaugural tented circus show. I loved it! The gala was also equally magical. You both created something quite special. I am sure there are more amazing things to come”
Nena Shaw
Cirque Passion Pavlata family circus sprang from the imagination and hearts of multi-generational circus artist couple Alexandre Sacha and Melinda Melina Pavlata.  Their dream of an exciting, intimate circus theatre show combining their family’s combined talents of circus, comedy, music, story telling, belly dance, unicycling, juggling, world-class aerial acts and fun led to them all the way to a romantic village in Normandy, France where they adopted and lovingly imported back to the states “Sheherezade,” the most elegant, intimate and charming circus tent in the world. They invited a few dear friends to help with their shows and voila! The dream came true...
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    Cirque Passion Tent up in Nyack, NY. Patty Wright-Ferrini Photo.

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    Cirque Passion along the Hudson River. Photo by Roufa, M.D.

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    Cirque Passion at Dawn. Photo by Roufa, M.D.

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    Flags up the Tent Line!

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    Melinda Melina Pavlata Sword on Dagger Act.

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    The Pavlatas in the Air.

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    Ringmistress Kim Sue Valla!

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    Sacha is the essence of Circus!

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    Sacha and Melinda Pavlata's trapeze embrace.

who we are
We are a multi-generational circus family with a performance heritage that spans back several generations in Europe. We love what we do!
contact us
To book our circus acts or rent our jewel of a tent, contact Sacha and Melinda Pavlata.

Telephone: (781) 209-0950
what we do
We perform fabulous circus shows with a variety of world-class performers in and out of our beautiful tent. We rent our tent for circus weddings, bar mitzvahs, galas and more. We offer a wide range of fabulous circus entertainment.